About Us

Founded in 2018, Four Wheel Drive Productions aims to make film production inclusive to all. Disability representation and diversity is an important part of our ethos and we want to encourage all passionate filmmakers to be a part of the industry.

Since Stephanie founded the company, Four Wheel Drive has become very successful having produced two award-winning documentaries. Our mission is to continue to produce films that raise awareness of people that are underrepresented in the film industry.

We are also working hard to raise awareness, of the barriers that are preventing the film industry from being inclusive. Stephanie has done live panel discussions with film festivals, industry professionals and the BFI to help people understand how to better include disabled people in productions.

Ultimately, we want to show how creative and talented disabled filmmakers are. There is this perception that filmmaking is too physical for disabled people - but this is completely wrong. With the right adapted equipment and support disabled filmmakers can have a successful career. Don't be put of by the initial barriers. Four Wheel Drive have problem solved many equipment issues and we can honestly say the perseverance is worth it to have your dream career.

Statuette award from the Impact Docs Awards