Our script consultancy services

We offer a script consultancy service to anyone needing support with writing screenplays. Whether you are a beginner or a confident screenwriter, we would love to support you on your creative journey.

What Does the Service Include?

The script consultancy service is designed and structured carefully to ensure that our clients receive thorough feedback on their screenplay, treatment or pitch. There is no time limit and we can support you for as long as you need.

However, if you would only like to receive help on selected areas, we are happy to help with this too.


  • Character profiles

  • Creating mood boards

  • Developing structure

  • Establishing your plot

  • Writing a logline

  • Writing a treatment

Writing your script

  • Writing a 1st draft

  • Continuing to develop story through more drafts

  • Final draft

Sending out your script 

  • Write a pitch

  • Receive advice on how to send it to producers

  • Advice on getting funding to make your film

  • Advice on sending your script to competitions