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Breaking into the film industry proves to be difficult for the majority of aspiring filmmakers, but when you have a disability, it can seem a lot harder.

When looking at entry level roles, the main job you may come across is a runner. But, we know that being a runner is not always possible for the majority of people with physical disabilities.

You may find yourself asking the below questions:

Do I need to be able to drive to break into the film and television industry?

If I am unable to drive, how can I be a runner?

If I can't be a runner, how am I meant to progress?

This vicious cycle of thoughts may bring you to think that you will not be able to break into the industry, but this is not true. There are other ways into the industry without being a runner, and this is where we come in.


We, at Four Wheel Drive Productions, understand how difficult it can be for people with disabilities to break into the film and TV industry. This is why we have expanded our company and established a new service called Camerability.

Camerability is an advice and consultancy service, open to anyone with a disability looking to build a career in the film and television industry. We will work with you to break down the barriers that are preventing you from getting into the industry.

We help our clients in any areas they require, such as:

• Finding work opportunities and placements
• Contacting companies to ask about opportunities specific for the client
• Creating strong CVs, cover letters and applications
• Preparing for interviews
• Advice on independent filmmaking
• Advice on using filmmaking equipment with a physical disability
• Advice on script writing

If you would like to find out more about our advice service and how we can help you, do get in touch!